Coaching Services

Since 1999, I have helped hundreds of people discover and then manifest the work that is their life purpose. Often this has led them to start new careers or become lifestyle entrepreneurs (see clients and case study for examples of the people I work with).


As a professional coach it is my job to bring out the best in you, help you create a vision and plan from your best self and achieve goals that you could not reach alone. That is why almost all top performers (sportsmen, entertainers, executives) have coaches - to keep them at the top of their game. In our case, the game is life, your life. With my help, you will discover more about what you truly want in life and develop greater skill in creating it.

How coaching with me works

Like the majority of professional coaches, I work over the phone. I have clients all over the world, most of whom have never met me. We start with an exploration of your goals or intentions and your preferred ways of working. You chose how much structure you want in our coaching relationship - whether a structured coaching program will suit you.couple lakes

Through regular scheduled calls we keep you moving and on track while navigating any obstacles that come up on route to your goals. Because each of my clients is different, my way of working with each one is also different. For this reason, I encourage you to contact me for a complimentary initial conversation and/or sample. In this call we will start the process of designing how we work together and give you a taste so you can decide if I am a good fit for you.


Personal Retreats

A retreat is a focussed period of rejuvenation and self discovery. Retreats are a way to leave the day-to-day preoccupation of our regular life to connect with neglected parts of ourselves, such as our sense of purpose. I can help my clients to plan retreats to meet their larger goals. For example, we use Vision Retreats to develop connection with an inspiring vision for our lives.

A Better Way to Work: Coaching Programstart-up

A sabbatical can be a great time to explore starting a new career, especially a new business. I offer an effective structured coaching program called A Better Way To Work. Using it, I have empowered dozens of clients to achieve and maintain tremendous success and fulfillment as lifestyle entrepreneurs in both their work and in their personal lives. If you are considering exploring a new business during your sabbatical, this may be the option for you. For more about A Better Way to Work....


My fees vary depending upon the way we design our work together. Typical fees are $600 per month.

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