Here are what some of my clients have said about working with me:

“One other thing that I gained from Clive is his voice in my head. His ability to pierce through the junk and get to the point I often hear now in my own internal dialogue. When I feel stressed by the “workload” I hear him say “so you are stressed by job security?” When I feel the weight of the organization on me, I hear Clive saying “Isn’t that interesting. Why is that your responsibility?”. Almost daily I hear Clive saying, and I actually say it to others, “it is not productive to focus on things that are outside our control…or influence.” Only … maybe now it is becoming my voice, as I don’t seem to hear it with the English accent anymore.

All of this leaves me much more prepared to go forth in my work, and design it the way I would like it. I have the tools now. However, I will miss so much. I will miss that Clive is always on my side, no matter what. I will miss his willingness to push me forward when I need it, and slow me down when I need that more. Most of all, I will miss Clive’s willingness to laugh and cry with me and always when I need it most. Thank you Clive.” - Wouter J. Rietsema M.D. - V. P. of Medical Affairs

"I called The Sabbatical Coach because my success wasn't working for me. I was traveling a lot and the more successful I became by conventional measures, the more scattered and thinly spread I felt. I was in a position of leadership and I knew I was smart. I wanted to be more confident and assertive and use these traits to find more enjoyment and balance in my work.

Through the coaching I explored what I really want. I found a willingness to try out new behaviors and habits. Now I express myself without filtering my thoughts, I feel brighter and more alive. I have found what I call "Peaceful Positivity."

Clive is very good at creating a setting where I could find my way. Words cannot express how grateful I am for his help on my journey." - Andrew Gilchrist M.D.

“"Coaching with Clive put me on the path to regaining my humanity. Looking at where I was and where I am now, I am ecstatic. I got a heck of a good deal!" - Rod Johnson

"Working with Clive and the "Better Way to Work" was simply a gift. I came to him in a state of burnout in my business and in my personal life. Through our work to discover my purpose and refocus my coaching niche, I found myself with a level of focus and energy I have not felt in years. Using the "Better Way to Work" program, Clive helped me to reconnect to a fundamental spiritual principle: that when you move from the core of who you are, the world moves to meet you. Four months into our work together, I landed a $50,000 contract working with my ideal clients (a return 17x the investment I made in coaching with Clive). I have found faith in myself and in the world again, and that is the greatest gift of all. Thank you, Clive!" – Julie M.

As I look back over the past several months of my work with Clive and the Better Way to Work, I get a vision of a “hawk circle.” We began high and far up in blue sky, banking in increasingly smaller circles: left, right and closer to the ground. It started with a purpose statement that was broad and lofty and nebulous, but it gradually became tighter and clearer. The vision story, the market niche, the timelines and the goals started distant and fuzzy, then became clearer and closer.  Clive is an expert active listener, asking questions, pressing for clarity, and is affirming without being condescending. This does not mean that he does not challenge statements or question what strikes him as a contradiction: it means he does these things like a good coach, pointing ahead at the mutual commitment of better performance. And I don’t want to leave the impression that his coaching was limited to conventional business development. Some of our most meaningful discussions have centered on how relationships and family are integrated into a long-term vision and career decisions. There is a real paradox in finishing this important process with him – I am grateful for end product and eager to engage it, but I am honestly sorry to see the process with him end.” - John Tuitele

“Clive is keenly insightful. Embarked on several sabbaticals in his life, he now prepares people for the journeys they are about to embark on. Don't be fooled by British accent, although he is soft spoken he is strong as an ox. He'll be gentle as a kitten while nailing you to the wall. He opened doors for me that I was unable or unwilling to open revealing a part of me I cherish & had forgotten.” - Matthew Rochte

“Clive is a brilliant coach. I am so grateful to have found him” - Robert B.

“I have gotten in touch with a confidence that I did not know I had. I believe that this is because Clive got me in touch with my soul - and when one is living from soul it shows and is magnetic. And confidence does not need to be manufactured for it simply exists. So I am trying less and yet the results are greater....How amazing is that!” - Elizabeth E.

“Clive ... lovingly stirred me to a new understanding of how I want to create” - Lisa M.

“Suddenly my life makes sense” - Kathleen M.